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Shared Apprentice Service

A TrAC shared apprentice is a supported apprentice with access to expert apprentice mentoring and guidance.

Apprentice managers help apprentices get the most from their apprenticeship and with the introduction of our new apprentice app, it's now even easier for apprentices and their placement mentors to access support or keep in touch from almost anywhere.

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Managed Apprentice Service

This service is ideal for apprenticeship levy payers.  Contractors can directly employ their own apprentices, making use of their levy pot to fund training, whilst benefitting from our award winning apprentice management service.

Let us help to improve your apprentice retention rates.  We can find, recruit, manage and support your apprentices for you, organise their training and provide regular progress updates whilst giving advice and guidance on everything from adjusting to the workplace, safeguarding and the government's Prevent agenda.


An apprenticeship is often a young person's first full-time job and it can take time for each new apprentice to get used to the difference between education and the workplace.  Our apprentice managers provide individual tailored support and are experts at helping each apprentice make the transition.

Entrust your apprentice management to the experts, so that you can get on with what you do best.

Levy Projection Tool

With our Levy Projection Tool contractors can better plan apprenticeship training over a 5 to 10 year period, that maximises levy contributions and minimises any fund losses (which happen automatically after 24 months).

The TrAC managed service is ideal for apprenticeship levy paying contractors and combines all of the benefits of an award winning apprentice management approach.

Let TrAC do the hard work for you.

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Our Apprentice Management System

Apprentice management just got a whole lot easier.  Complete is an intuitive, user friendly system that brings together years of apprentice management experience and the latest technology to enhance a proven approach to apprentice achievement.

Complete underpins the movement of apprentices across projects and supply chains and brings together all of the components which maximise the chances of apprentice completion, with login access for contractors and supply chains, construction clients, apprentices, applicants, training providers and other partners, infact anyone involved in helping an apprentice to complete.

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